Feed the Alien Premiere

Sometime last summer we set out to make 3 music videos. One of them was Feed the Alien. With this video we decided to totally embrace our modest budget and independent status. This resulted in a plan to use hand made props made with cardboard and spray paint and cheap alien masks. This combined with a short storyline lead us to believe we would only need to shoot for a day or two.

Then we got to work and realized it would be a much steeper learning curve. Shooting was taking much longer than expected and soon it was too late in the year to get outdoor shots without snow on the ground and we put it on hold. Thanks to a mild winter and a lot of elbow grease we finally finished it. And it is just as ridiculous as we had hoped.

So 5 Body Blade and Feed the Alien make 2... Look out for 1 more video and then we start recording our first full length album.

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